The Internet never fails to outdo itself with useless information, nor does social media. Unfortunately both encourage people who don’t know what they are talking about to contribute loudly to discussions that don’t concern them.

Paris recommendations – by people that don’t live in Paris – seem to be a favourite topic.

This is about as condescending as I plan to get on this website. But my cynicism is in the interests of you saving time and seeing the city in the eyes of a local, rather than some high-on-Ladurée tourist, taking photos with an iPad.

Le Baron.

It might still be cool at Art Basel in Miami but everyone goes to Silencio now, which incidentally also has a pop up at Art Basel this year. At the very least the drinks are infinitely better and made with actual alcohol.

Le Marais.

Is terminally mobbed with tourists that think they are in the know, creating enormous lines at l’as du felafel and buying overpriced denim at Levis.

Head to Belleville and Menilmontant instead. Rue des Envierges has the best view of Paris in Paris, without the aforementioned iPad photography mob.


Sex and the City murdered the cupcake, Gossip Girl put the nail in the coffin for Macarons. But I get it, you are in the land of desserts and you desperately want to Instagram an elaborate cake.

Skip Ladurée, skip Pierre Herme, skip anything that has been franchised overseas. Instead hit Pain et Sucre in the 4th, by a team that trained under Pierre Gagnaire.

The Eiffel Tower.

The Eiffel Tower is something best experienced from Trocadero, hopefully for you on the way to Palais de Tokyo. But despite the crowds it pulls, I don’t rate the view. Try the Le Georges at the Pompidou instead, where you have the added bonus of champagne and contemporary art.


I’ve never seen a Parisian eat a snail. Most of my Parisian friends don’t even know restaurants that serve them. I know this because I asked all of them when a friend came to visit and wanted snails. If its winter get stuck into Oysters instead.